Important 2019 Tax Deadlines

Tax deadlines for dental practice owners

Resolved to stay on top of tax deadlines this year? Let us help. Here are 2019’s important IRS dates and deadlines to mark on your calendar.

Category                                                   Original Deadline                              Extended Deadline

Partnerships & S-Corporation                           March 15                                               September 16

C-Corporation & Sole Proprietor                       April 15                                                  October 15

For CWA clients taking advantage of our tax services, be aware of the deadlines, but remember we do all the filing for you. However, please keep an eye out for any communication from the tax department regarding document needs.

Not a tax client, but interested in knowing how it could simplify things for you? Proper tax planning can not only simplify, but positively affect your journey to reaching your financial goals. Visit us here to learn more about our tax preparation and filing services.