CWA Financial Plan Monitoring

A comprehensive financial plan

Change happens every day. Tax and pension laws change. We live through economic cycles. Sometimes, our overall outlook simply is different today than it was a few years ago. To keep up financially, flexible planning models have to be reassessed regularly with a goal of stopping costly problems before they start. CWA is known throughout the dental industry for our flagship work, the 3to1 principle of wealth accumulation and financial monitoring program.

From the start, we want you to have a firm understanding of how CWA will support you. Through initial evaluation and assessments our team will help identify financial challenges and opportunities, set annual and long-term goals, and work with you to implement your financial plan, always there for guidance and direction each step of the way.


CWA Financial Plan Monitoring is the oversight and guidance your dedicated CWA planning team delivers over the course of the year. The monitoring process is not just a reaffirmation of your original plan, but a process that continually measures your results and makes adjustments as necessary. By mining the financial landscape and making adjustments when needed, CWA clients are never alone when it comes to staying on course in reaching their goals.

Our clients rely on us to keep watch over their financial performance, teaching and advising on major financial decisions along the way. Over the last 30 years, we’ve grown to serve thousands of clients across the United States, and we believe our 90+ percent retention rate is testament to the difference a dedicated support team makes.

The CWA Financial Planning Program includes:

  • Practice overhead and production review
  • Practice breakeven analysis
  • Personal and business cash flow and debt structure
  • Plan adjustments for changes in tax law
  • Potential tax savings assessment and annual tax projections
  • Pension plans / assessment, review and funding advice
  • Investment allocation review and recommendations
  • Estate planning
  • Personal budgets
  • Insurance review and planning
  • Unlimited access to your planning team
  • Annual in-person working consultations
  • College planning and investment recommendations

CWA dental practice Solutions

Our comprehensive approach means our support goes beyond financial advice. Through affiliated dental entities, CWA "Solutions" provide discounts and member access to the products and services you depend on to help your practice thrive.


National Dental Placements
Valuation and consulting services for transitioning practices.

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Elite Dental Alliance
Save overhead costs on a full-range of key business services.

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