Our Dental Industry Heritage

Early in his career, CWA Founding Partner Darrell Cain worked closely with many dentists and practice owners. Over time he identified a common theme – the doctors’ hard work was not paying off in the way they’d imagined. In spite of solid earnings, in many cases, long hours were not translating into financial security. He further identified that their clinical training did nothing to prepare them for the realities of practice ownership. Moreover, many of the dentists he knew were perplexed, had lots of questions, few answers, and in some cases, disillusioned.

Darrell’s upbringing emphasized the value of work and education as the key ingredients to long-term success. He recognized that his knowledge and skill set in accounting and business planning could help others. In 1984, he founded The Darrell W. Cain CPA Firm for the sole purpose of educating and guiding dentists on how to get financial payoff out of their work and business.

1983 – Darrell Cain gives a series of successful financial lectures to dental professionals.

1984 – The Darrell W. Cain CPA Firm is created to support dentists and dental practices. A philosophy of educating clients and “3to1” wealth accumulation is the foundation of the service the firm provides.

1985 – Several new clients are added in the firm’s second year.

1986 –  The team adds dental practice transitions as a new line of business and creating more opportunities for clients to maximize financial potential.

1989 – Added first investment platform.

1991 –  Mike Watters is named partner.

1993 –  CWA moves to its storied “Peterson Lane” office near Dallas’ north tollway corridor where it would remain for 19 years.  Key staff and planning team members are added and help push forward the company’s overall growth.

1994 – On-site practice transition and wealth accumulation seminars presented in a classroom learning format are offered to clients and practice owners nationwide, to further equip dentists with valuable financial education.

1997The 3to1 Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, is established, expanding the reach of CWA’s founding philosophy of being financial educators.

2008 – A key group of senior planning team members, deemed integral to the firm’s long-term growth, join Mike and Darrell, and named equity partners.

2012 – Four years later, Mike Watters retires with the team of equity partners carrying on the work he and Darrell began; CWA relocates to Legacy Tower Two office in Plano, Texas.

2014 – CWA celebrates 30 years of service to dentists and the dental industry.

2019 – CWA celebrates 35 years of service to dentists and the dental industry.

2023 – Two new equity partners are added to the leadership team and CWA moves to a new building located on the 91-acre Star campus in Frisco, Texas. The 31st Annual Meeting is held on campus to celebrate the event.

2024 – CWA celebrates its 40th anniversary and four decades of powering financial potential. Learn more about our founding principles and how we plan to carry our mission of empowerment into the next generation.


With thousands of clients in 50 states, the CWA team remains dedicated to our original mission of educating and guiding our clients and communities in financial principles and wealth accumulation. Today, CWA has 13 partners and more than 285 employees.

Located in Frisco, Texas, CWA is neighbor to some of the nation’s top corporations including Toyota North America, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Keurig Dr. Pepper, Alliance Data Systems, J.C. Penney, and many more. CWA is located at 17 Cowboys Way Suite 300, Frisco, Texas 75034.