What To Expect From CWA

Know the steps before you start the journey

This Is A Big Decision

The decision to partner with Cain Watters & Associates can be a big one. That’s why before any paperwork is signed, we want you to have a firm understanding of our process and how our partnership will benefit you, your family and your practice.

Let’s Talk It Through Together

It all starts with an initial conversation with our team. Through a series of questions, these skilled listeners use their deep knowledge of the dental industry to quickly and adeptly assess your financial challenges and pinpoint opportunities. We then talk you through our findings and explain how CWA can fit into your financial picture. There’s no pressure and certainly no fee for this session.

Your Journey To Financial Peace Shouldn't Be Complicated

To make sure you’re confident in what to expect from the CWA relationship, we’ve broken down our process into six easy steps:

Get To Know CWA

During our initial consultation, you will learn more about CWA, our processes and approach to building wealth. Equally as important, we take the opportunity to learn more about you, your goals and your long-term vision for the future. Should you determine that CWA is the right partner, we’ll use these learnings to start planning the process of turning your personal and professional goals into reality. The first order of business is to build a team of financial and tax professionals to support you and your business.

Meet Your Team

The best relationships are built on trust, particularly when so much is at stake. That’s why when matching our clients with their planning team, we never take the pairing process lightly. In fact, the care and attention we give to this important dynamic is one of the keys to CWA’s success, reflected in a client retention rate over 90%.

Come To Dallas

Another reason for CWA’s success is our hands-on approach. Each new client spends a day at CWA headquarters in the Dallas area for a day-long planning session with their team. This intensive, enlightening and rewarding time together is where life-long relationships begin.

Develop Your Plan

During the session in Dallas, your planning team conducts a 360-degree evaluation of your finances, establishes goals and implements a plan of action to reach them. By the end of the day, action plan in hand, your journey to financial health is well underway.

Assess, Adjust, Optimize

Once your plan is in place, your CWA team goes to work looking for ways to optimize it. It’s called CWA Proactive Planning, and it’s one of the hallmarks of the CWA relationship. By actively mining the financial landscape and making adjustments when your life and needs change, your CWA planning team keeps you on the right course to reach your goals.

Workshop Your Goals Yearly

Each year, you’ll meet with your planning team to assess the progress you’ve made throughout the year, take stock of what worked and what didn’t, celebrate wins, tackle new challenges and prepare for the upcoming year. This day-long, in-person working session is educational and interactive. You leave with a revised action plan for the next 12 months, moving you that much closer to achieving your personal and professional financial goals.

Ready To Talk To CWA?

Not only are we ready to help you reach your goals, we’ll start by showing you how we can save the cost of your annual fee in taxes. Schedule your complimentary consultation today.

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What CWA Brings To The Table


For 40 years, we’ve served thousands of clients nationwide, putting our flagship 3to1 principle of wealth accumulation to work.


CWA primarily serves the dental industry. We know the unique intricacies of the dental business as well as the mindset of dental practice owners, better than most CPAs.


Financial planning isn’t a static product. It’s a process. Peace of mind is also more than just a number to reach. CWA aims to get you financially prepared to reach your personal life goals.


We are committed to delivering a personalized, peerless experience. Our 90%-plus retention rate is testament to the difference a dedicated support team makes.

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