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1.) Assess Needs

Before any paperwork is signed, we want you to have a firm understanding of how CWA will help you. It all starts with your initial conversation with our new client onboarding team. Through a series of questions, these skilled listeners who understand dentistry are able to quickly and adeptly evaluate and assess your financial challenges and opportunities, and discuss them with you. If it’s established that the CWA approach is right for you, then we’ll move forward. There’s no fee for this conversation. We understand long-term relationships are based on mutual understanding and goals.


Relationships are built on trust, particularly when it comes to our work together. We don’t take lightly the fact that for over 30 years clients entrust us with helping them map out the financial roadmap for their life.


As part of our relationship, CWA clients spend a day in Dallas each year for an initial, day-long planning and goals session. Whether you fly in the night before or make it a day trip, this time together is where life-long relationships begin.


When you’re paired with your planning team we conduct a 360 degree evaluation of your finances. Our assessment, along with our experience in the dental industry, helps guide the initial goal setting and planning phase. In-depth and in-person, we admit, this step is where the rubber meets the road, and the journey to financial health begins. Determining what needs to be done to hit those goals is a team effort. With an action plan in hand, you’re ready to take your first steps.


Financial Plan Monitoring is the oversight and guidance your dedicated CWA planning team delivers over the course of the year. By mining the financial landscape and making adjustments when needed, CWA clients are never alone when it comes to staying on course in reaching their goals.


Each year, we conduct an assessment of the progress you’ve made over the course of the year, taking stock of what worked and what didn’t, celebrating wins and preparing for the upcoming year. The day-long, in-person working session is educational and interactive. When you leave with an action plan for the next 12 months, you’ve advanced in the journey, and you’re that much closer to achieving your personal and professional financial goals.

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