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Dentists often feel stuck in the middle of their advisors, left to quarterback all of the important decisions. Our interactive workshops and presentations guide dental professionals in the smart, effective management of their personal and business financial matters, helping bring the two into alignment in order to reach their financial goals. Through our most popular courses, learn the factors, attitudes and disciplines that produce positive financial outcomes.

Popular Lectures

Flipping uncertainty Into Security 

The volatility and confusion surrounding the last few years has impacted every business, including dental practices. This course offers an opportunity to flip today’s uncertainty into a roadmap for future financial security. Taking the lessons learned from shutdowns, stimulus dollars, new tax legislation, staffing constraints and inflation, doctors can be prepared and confident with whatever the upcoming year has to hold. In this content-rich, interactive course, attendees will learn proven formulas behind building wealth, improving cash flow, getting ahead on pension and retirement planning, plus the short- and long-term benefits of various savings environments.

Sorting Through the Truth, Lies, Opportunities and Threats

New industry trends, inflation and tax policy changes are dramatically impacting the dentistry business; coupled with the increase in private equity offers, there’s a lot being thrown at dental practice owners. During times of uncertainty and opportunity, it’s more important than ever to have a financial plan that can guide you toward your goals. This session discusses how valuations and transitions can impact your long-term financial plan. It looks through the lens of both the associate and the owner that wants to know their options. By understanding the true value of a dental practice, they will walk away equipped to look at offers skeptically and gain realistic expectations of a practice transition.

Lessons Learned From 35 Years of Practice Transitions

Dental practice partnerships and transition opportunities are not just about dollars and cents. This lecture presents information on how to create a successful partnership that is fair and equitable to both parties. It illustrates what doctors need to know about the significant tax advantages a transition can have for both the buyer and the seller, offering the potential for a win-win situation. With important variables like purchase price, when and if to use bank financing or owner financing, how the money will be split, how to terminate the deal if something goes wrong, and what type of pension plan needs to be in place—this lecture offers participants a clear path to plot their next move.

The Bridge to Financial Freedom

All too often, the decision on if and when to own a dental practice becomes an emotional journey rather than a business decision, with massive school debt often obscuring the big picture. This session offers attendees the ability to expand one’s lens to fix their focus on long-term success, with the full disclosure of both the benefits of obstacles of owning a dental practice. Taken from over 35 years of experience advising dentists, this course provides dental practitioners, associates and residents a realistic view of practice ownership versus an employee. We will weigh the risks, consider debt and evaluate each option associated with opening a new practice, entering a partnership, buying an existing practice, or working as a partner in a corporate dentistry environment.

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