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I, my wife, and son who is my partner could not be happier with Bradley Blasingame and Cain Watters! Prior to Bradley, we had been working with a financial advisor for years and thought we were on the right track. My son, who had a very positive previous experience with Cain Watters, convinced us to go listen to what they had to offer. We have learned so much and continue to learn. Bradley was able to get us out of the horrible tax and savings spiral we were in. Prior to Cain Watters we hadn’t been saving much now we are saving close to $100,000 a year and feel more secure now than ever with our financial plan. Additionally, we were able to successfully transition 50% of our practice to our son, pull equity out of the practice and invest toward our retirement. Bradley and CWA saved us. My life has become virtually stress free. I cannot thank them enough.
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