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Our Work In Dentistry

CWA’s specialized work within the dental industry supports the growth of thousands of clients in all 50 states. Our comprehensive financial services integrate sound accounting practices and proactive tax planning with opportunities for profitability improvement. Our approach is enhanced by solid money growth strategies that we combine with a

firm understanding of the factors that will impact your overall financial success. All of this is delivered through a dedicated team and a financial plan uniquely tailored for you. Since 1984, we’ve helped dentists nationwide reach their financial goals. You want your work to matter. CWA was created to help ensure that it does.

What We Do

See how CWA is with you EVERY STEP OF THE WAY
I have been blessed to be associated with CWA for over 25 years. As I am approaching retirement- I can really begin to see what all the years of planning have provided for me and my family. After spending a few years in dental practice and "wandering" from one financial planner to another- I found that most of them were associated and compensated for what they were "selling" me. While it was all somewhat worthwhile- it did not quite feel right. Once I understood the relationship and how it worked- I was much more comfortable in finding a firm that provided a "fee for service" model just like I was trying to achieve with my private dental practice. With a great recommendation from a dental colleague who I respected- I was introduced to CWA. Since then- the peace of mind that was provided for me about my future was an easy journey with CWA. Quite frankly, I only really look at my financial matters on the one day a year meeting. I don't stress about what is going on in the financial world and rely on their advice to keep things moving to my goals needed for my upcoming retirement. For me, CWA is the "only way to go" no matter how far along you are in your journey to retirement and a successful dental practice transition.
I became a client of Cain Watters in 2017. We met Brittany Frazier and our lives have not been the same. Brittany and the team have helped us negotiate our path in practice and continue to guide us through our financial growth as well. Cain Watters was at the forefront of assistance to address the challenges that COVID presented to our financial and practice world. My wife and I could not imagine what that process would have looked like if we were not connected with Cain Watters. We appreciate what they have done for us professionally and personally. I am excited to see what the future holds with Brittany's guidance.
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Knowledge Where It Counts

You do the best you can to stay on top of your practice and personal finances. But like most dentists we work with, it can be overwhelming. Finding time to get your arms around it all seems impossible. You work hard every day; still, uncertainty about the impact of your business decisions keeps you up at night. Or, blindsided by a hefty tax bill when you thought all bases were covered, you don't know what your next move should be. You’re not alone. These concerns, along with countless others, are what we hear from dentists just like you. Cain Watters & Associates has made it our mission to help guide our clients to effective financial solutions. We believe financial peace begins with financial knowledge, which means we're committed to educating you each step of the way. For more than 30 years we've helped dentists build the life they've dreamed of -- reaching goals assured and confident.