1OTH ANNUAL Ortho Report

The Key to Winning the Race Is Knowing Your Current Pace

Compare your 2022 numbers to know where you stand

The race for patients and profits coming out of the pandemic era is on. Now is the time to make your move. Leverage the metrics in the Orthodontic Practice Comparison Report to know where you’re leading the pack and target areas to pick up the pace.

This vital benchmarking tool is key to:

  • Comparing your numbers to real practice data
  • Recognizing areas you may be overspending
  • Uncovering trends to get ahead in 2023
  • Identifying areas to optimize and improve


Take a Peek at Some 2022 Trends

Staff Salaries
New Patient Starts

Average Treatment Fee Increase From 2021-2022

Have You Raised Fees Enough to Cover Higher Overhead?

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