Cain, Watters & Associates, P.L.L.C (CWA) is a CPA firm providing comprehensive business planning, personal financial planning, accounting and tax services to over 1,400 clients in 48 states.

One of the most frequent questions potential clients ask us is, “What makes your firm so unique?” The answer is that the advisors of Cain, Watters and Associates, PLLC specialize in one industry, dentistry.

We also understand the predicament you, the dentist, being stuck in the middle of your advisors leaving you to quarterback all of the important decisions. Ask any of our existing clients and they will share the variety of ways in which we help them. We see ourselves as the CFO to your personal and dental financial decisions and we gladly work with all of your advisors to determine that each of them are working in your best interest. The value in what we do is our deep understanding of the business of dentistry. We couple that with knowledge of the importance of a customized financial plan that is regularly monitored to facilitate your financial goals.  We offer accounting services to assist you in managing your business and also provide proactive tax planning to help minimize your federal and state taxes. We understand the value of pension planning in conjunction with a solid investment strategy and the related significant positive impact to your financial plan.

Additionally, Cain, Watters offers ideas on growing your practice, strategies on how and when to bring in associates or partners, personal budgeting, comprehensive insurance review, simple to complex estate planning, review of outside business ventures including spousal income, real estate ventures, and more. Our advice is proactive and not reactive, which is unlike most accounting firms. Dentists are attracted to this concept of having a CFO coordinate all the key components of their financial life so they can focus on dentistry and their family. As a Cain, Watters client, we will focus on the following but is not limited to:

  • Complete personal and business financial planning
  • Comprehensive tax planning for dentistry
  • Acquisition of other offices and building a new office
  • Strategies for starting a new practice
  • Personal and business budgeting
  • Pension planning strategies
  • Accounting and Tax services
  • Review of dental practice and planning methods to make it more productive and efficient
  • Preparing the practice and doctor on when an associate is appropriate
  • Multiple doctor partnerships
  • Investment strategies and access to institutional asset management
  • Distribution planning and estate planning