Sam Richter

CPA, Financial Planner

Sam is an alumnus of Texas A&M University where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting as well as a Master of Science in Taxation. He is a Certified Public Accountant and an Investment Advisor Representative.

Prior to joining CWA, Sam spent three years at Deloitte, providing tax consulting for businesses and preparing individual tax returns for expatriates and inpatriates. It was at Deloitte where he grew his passion for teaching as he walked individuals through the complexities of taxation.

Seeing the impact that mentorship can have on his clients, Sam is driven to share his knowledge and support with the local community. He has worked with non-profit organizations around the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex to help end human trafficking for women, teach financial literacy and help people give to charity in a tax-efficient way.

“I find fulfillment in setting people up for success and placing them in a favorable position to take care of themselves, their family and their community. From an established business owner to someone just getting back on their feet, I hope to carry over the knowledge we teach at CWA to everyone.”

Sam and his wife, Sarah, enjoy traveling, spending time outdoors with their yellow lab and being active in their local church.