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Overcoming Challenges.
Challenging Convention.

Orthos showed tenacity, and the numbers prove it

From triaging supply issues to managing the latest staffing crisis, ortho practice owners wore a lot of hats in 2021. Good news is, all that tenacity and tap dancing paid off, as our latest Orthodontic Comparison Report clearly shows.

So grab a comfy spot, download the report and use this vital benchmarking tool to:

  • Compare key numbers to your peers
  • Leverage trends to get ahead in 2022
  • Identify areas to improve
  • Target areas for future growth

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Increase in Total Overhead as % of Collections

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About Cain Watters

CWA has proudly specialized in serving dental practices for over 35 years. This year more than ever, our clients showed uncommon grit, agility and determination during this unprecedented time. We’re grateful to have been given the opportunity to help our clients navigate the twists and turns of 2021, and beyond.

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