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Come for Business, Stay for Dallas.

Each year our clients travel to Dallas for a full day working shoulder-to-shoulder with their team. We build a working relationship in person – phone calls and emails are great, but they’re not enough. The work and the time we put in together is important. It is a review and accountability process for the work we’ve accomplished together, and a look at the year ahead to assess what’s before us financially. Our clients leave armed with an action plan. This time together each year is testament to our unwavering commitment to maximizing the value you get from the investment you’re making, for your business and long-term financial success. Beyond the goals of the day, however, this is also the time we get to know each other. After your drive or flight into Dallas and arrival to our offices located in Plano’s Legacy Tower, we take great pride in welcoming you to our headquarters.

Your financial success is as much about the relational aspects — the trust that is built and the experience you have while here — as it is about the saving money and the plan monitoring and the goal setting we do together. In more than 30 years, we haven’t separated the relationships from the work, and our clients attest to the difference it makes. A catered three-course lunch and snacks fuel the work we do over the course of the day in our spacious consult rooms. Equipped with large monitors over our work area, and flooded with natural light, it wouldn’t be uncommon if your day in Dallas includes kicking off your shoes (literally), FaceTime breaks to check-in back home, or multiple dips into our big basket of your favorite snacks. You’ve entrusted us with your livelihood, the comfort of relationship is understood.

Dallas, Texas

Iconic U.S. business hub, cosmopolitan travel destination -
even a day trip to Dallas can border legendary.

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Plano, Texas

CWA is neighbor to some of the nation’s top corporations
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