Kristina Yarbrough

CPA, Director of Tax

Kristina is a Certified Public Accountant and an alumnus of Texas Women’s University. As a CPA, she has worked with Arthur Anderson and KPMG.

She joined CWA in 2005 as a tax preparer and now serves as director of the tax department. She leads a team of tax professionals, including accountants, preparers and reviewers, who use their knowledge of tax law to execute against CWA clients’ tax plans.

“For most people tax law is hard to understand, and even harder to know what to do with, but it’s my passion. It’s extremely rewarding for me to be able to guide people and mitigate the fears they may have about tax planning.”

She and her husband have two children, Hayden and Ava. She was a competitive gymnast for 12 years, which she now enjoys watching with her family.