First Look at a Better Black Diamond

Black Diamond Set to Rollout New UX This Fall The Black Diamond wealth platform, which allows CWA advisors and clients easy access to financial data, will roll out an enhanced user experience [...]

In Case You Missed It

CWA Monthly Investments Reports are now available for download (on or about the 10th day of each month, beginning January 2016.)

Markets & Investing in Q3

CWA INVESTMENT NEWS October 5, 2015 by Brad Sanders The State of the Market The S&P 500 finished up the third quarter of the year -5.29% in 2015. Stocks have been sold over the past few [...]

The Wrong Side of A Rate Hike

Published September 9, 2015 Digital News Investments Editor Brad Sanders breaks down what last week’s jobs report means for interest rates and how a stronger dollar might actually spell trouble. [...]

Measured Risks & Market Nosedives

CWA INVESTMENT NEWS by Brad Sanders August 24, 2015 CWA Digital News Investments Editor and Managing Director at Tectonic Advisors Brad Sanders has covered the problems in China for several [...]

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