III to I Financial Management Research (FMR), the firm that supports the CWA investment community, is undergoing a company reposition beginning with a new name. As of February 1, FMR is now [...]

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WATCH VIDEO: CWA Partner/Planner Judson Crawford Shares Three Tips for a Stress-Free Tax Season     WATCH VIDEO: CWA Partner/Planner Judson Crawford Offers Three New Year Financial [...]

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#TeamCWA Not Pulling Punches in 2015 If you only learn one thing from America’s Breakthrough Coach Brian Biro be sure it’s how to break a board with your bare hand. CWA staffers did just that [...]

Investment IQ

The 411 on ETFs Created in 1993, exchange-traded funds, referred to as ETFs, have seen a steady rise in popularity particularly among long-term investors looking for the flexibility found in [...]

Tax Update

As tax season swings into gear, remember CWA is committed to a high standard of cyber security and especially vigilant during periods of high-volume data transfers across our systems. You can [...]