Save the Penalties for Super Bowl Sunday

January 2015 Like many small employers, you may be reimbursing your employees to support the cost of their health insurance premiums. Often referred to as an Employee Payment Plan, or EPP, these [...]

New Year, New Day for CWA

If you’re like me, and like most of us – living in the information age can all at once feel like a blessing and a curse. At no other point in history, have we had access to so much data, so much [...]

How Does Your Dental Practice Compare?

UPDATE: We have our newest 2017 edition of this report available, download it for free by clicking here.  For 30 years, CWA has provided guidance to thousands of dentists and dental practices for [...]

Poll Answer

The average net income for an independent private practitioner who owned all or part of his or her practice in 2009 was $192,680 for a general practitioner and $305,820 for a specialist. Source: [...]

Investment IQ

Did you know the average investor has less than 30% of their portfolio in large cap stocks? Diversified portfolios produce better risk-adjusted returns over the long term.  

Inside CWA

Through CWAConnect, our employee and community connection program, our team spends countless hours volunteering and working to raise funds to support various organizations that are making a [...]

Help Support 3to1 Foundation

The 3to1 Foundation was founded by Darrell Cain 17 years ago, to reach and educate communities of people who otherwise have limited opportunities to learn the skills and principles for building [...]

Tax Updates

SECTION 199 MANUFACTURING DEDUCTION Recent court cases involving Starbucks and Dean Foods have broadend the way a business can interpret “manufacture”. The Section 199 Manufacturing Deduction [...]

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